Welcome to the Charles River Alliance of Boaters (CRAB) website.
We are a coalition of individuals and organizations that use the Charles River from Watertown Square to the Charles River Dam.

CRAB organizations offer a wide range of boating experiences for all boating interests from sightseeing to Olympic training. Whether your interest is with an oar, paddle, sail, motor, or even helping to keep the river clean, CRAB organizations can provide what you need.

Our mission is to encourage safe and accessible boating by the entire community on the Lower Basin of the Charles. This includes power boaters, sailors, rowers, paddlers, and others, working together to keep the Charles River a healthy resource for the enjoyment of boaters and park users alike. A cornerstone of our effort is the development of better avenues of communication between and among this diverse community of users. The intent of this web site is to gather a lot of diverse information in one place that can be easily accessed by everyone who uses or wants to use the river.

We have made great progress toward establishing a depth chart of the Charles River between the New Charles River Dam and the Watertown Dam. Except for a few small areas, we've measured the depth from the New Charles River Dam to Hyde Brook west of Newton Yacht Club. With field measurements finished for this year, hard-copy and on-line versions of these depth charts will be released to the public soon. We need your help to allow us to finish the field measurements next summer and to further refine the charts. Any excess funds will be set aside for future work to characterize changes in the river.
If you use the river, please make a contribution to the project by sending a check to
Dave Amicangioli, CRAB Treasurer
25 C Street
Belmont, MA 02478